Goals Of Baran Group


  • Admission of Baran Investment Holding in Fara Bourse
  • Correcting financing structures in companies under the framework of utilizing modern financing methods and tools.
  • Obtaining expert abilities and necessary capacities for attracting proper investment opportunities domestically, regionally and internationally.
  • Training the personnel for updating their knowledge and optimizing the structure of human resources, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Improving supervision systems on the performance of subsidiary companies and revising their current operations and if required assigning new missions to them according to current economic conditions and future outlooks.
  • Establishing an observatory for investment opportunities in all industries with relative competiveness advantages.
  • Financial discipline and on-time reporting to concerned authorities and cost control.
  • Benefiting from investment opportunities under the execution of article 44 of the Constitution in regards to assigning the shares of governmental companies.
  • Brand promotion (Baran Investment Holding) in monetary and financial markets.
  • Launching specialized committees such as risk management committee, interior audit committee, investment committee and strategic committee, human resources reward and compensation committee, company performance assessment and budget committee and international committee, when applicable.
  • Being present in financial markets such as Fara Bourse, stock exchange and using modern financial tools in order to attract domestic and foreign financial resources for the execution of projects.
  • Operating in modern and advanced technologies with relatively high benefits.
  • Establishing an economic value chain generator (such as rendering all monetary, financial and insurance services to beneficiaries).
  • Extending dominance through national, regional and global levels.