Baran Specialized Oil Co.


Since its incorporation, Baran Specialized Oil Co. started out as a contractor in various fields of engineering, procurement and execution. By gaining experience through various national projects in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemicals and industry during its existence, the company is recognized as an active EPC contractor capable of executing great projects from the stage of engineering to launch and delivery to employer and after-sale services.


Utilizing the knowledge of tested experts, insistence on the principle of commitment and accountability, guarantee the flourishing and success of the company in executing industrial projects. On this basis, effective collaboration with employers and assuring their satisfaction through and after projects is one of the points of strength of the company which comes with accompanying the clients and employers through different stages of the projects until all forecast objectives are met.


Baran Specialized Oil Co. believes in providing quality services and constantly aspires to complete the projects on time based on employer demands with an emphasis of quality control, observance of safety principles and the time schedule.

Baran Specialized Oil Co. operates in the fields of designing and manufacture of reservoir and pressure tanks, oil and gas transfer lines, water and wastewater refinery units, refinery systems, renovation of available refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries, steam and power production, environmental protection, technical inspection and MC management.



  • Identifying and forecasting market demands
  • Extending activities from Iran to region’s countries
  • Trying to achieve better performance through management and executing improvement projects
  • Entering into new markets
  • Utilizing modern technologies through research and development and transfer of technology
  • Recruiting expert, committed and elite individuals and prioritizing knowledge-based operations



Establishing a coherent organization based on knowledge with the necessary potentials for executing grand and strategic projects that are effective on national wealth and can increase it significantly.



Baran Specialized Oil Co. is moving with strong steps to become one of the top 10 best EPC contractors on the national level for executing grand, strategic and infrastructural projects by 2026.



  • Integrity and coordination
  • Consequentialism
  • Organizational commitment
  • Credit and acceptability
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation


Projects Completed Or Underway

  • Financing for gas and oil transfer projects from China
  • Participation in EPC-EPC + F contracts
  • Investing in the gas transfer lines projects of Chabahar-Iranshahr (Mokran)
  • Siraf project (underway)
  • Financing oil projects from European resources (Finland)
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Address: No. 18 Kiayi 2 Alley, Asef St. Zafaraniyeh St. Tehran, Iran