Baran Production And Distribution Co.



Baran Production And Distribution Co. with a goal to promote the cycle of production, packaging and distribution, aims for a diverse portfolio of food products including strategic products such as sugar, rice, tea, legume, turmeric, coconut powder, dried fruit and other food and vegetable products.


Fields Of Activity


  • Production, packaging and distribution
  • Exportation and importation through Baran Specialized International Trading Co.
  • Economic collaboration
  • Other economic and trading activities related to food industry


Mission And Outlook


Based on the results of studies and the viewpoints of the managers of the holding and subsidiary companies, the company mission is set as follows.

Baran Production And Distribution Co. operates in the fields of investing, financing, research production, process and packaging, distribution, importation and exportation of food products consumable by families for the health of our people and the people of other countries and also increasing the national consumption index in this regard and constantly tries to gain the highest market share by depending on innovative and trained personnel and by using advanced technologies and by producing products according to national and international quality standards while observing all environmental regulations.

To do so, the scientific promotion of human resources and protection of the interests of all beneficiaries will complete our mission.

تماس با ما

Producing, packing and explaining

Address: No.17, North 6 St. Mahdasht, Karaj, Iran