Holding Introduction

Investment in profitable operations directly or indirectly and rendering managerial services using experts and specialists in the fields of commerce, economy, finance and law with more than two decades of experience.

Baran Investment Holding has extended its operations in various fields and has incorporated companies and established holdings in various fields such as road and construction, oil and gas, international commerce, packaging and distribution.

The major goals and duties of the holding are outlined in its articles of association as follows:

  • Direct investment or collaboration in creating, developing and launching production, commercial (importation and exportation), manufacture and construction projects etc.
  • Purchasing and selling the shares of production and service companies.
  • Purchasing and selling securities.
  • Obtaining financial and credit facilities from banks and other institutes.
  • Encouraging and facilitating investment for natural persons and legal entities through rendering consultation services and investment management.
  • Engaging in all operations which are directly or indirectly necessary or profitable for realizing the goals of the holding and subordinate companies or are necessary for fulfilling the subject of the company.


A New Attitude Towards Business Services

The issue of making the right decision at the right time has always been one of the mental concerns for humans. Today with the advances of communication technology and extensive information resources this problem has been become than ever.

By understanding this importance, Baran Investment Holding uses its communication, specialized and financial capacities to further flourish national economy, production and exportation development and provide a more ideal condition for decision making for those operating in this field.



  • Recognizing and operating in the raw materials market for food, dairy, meet, animal husbandry and paper industries.
  • Oil products and related byproducts.
  • Polymer, petrochemical, chemical and cellulose products.
  • An extensive domestic and foreign communication network in India, China, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Georgia, Iraq and European countries etc.
  • Analytical and economic consultation.
  • Financial support (investment and venture).
  • Having an extensive international network for obtaining agency, business correspondence and drawing up contracts.
  • Legal services for protecting the rights of economists, importers and exporters.
  • Importing legal or probation commodities at request based on classification by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade at free market rates (applicant or SANA currency), official rates (governmental), NIMA rates or currency obtained through exportation.



  • Do you need valid information to extend your business, importation and exportation operations?
  • Do you need the assistance of a specialist for your decision making because of complex regulations and laws?
  • Are you concerned with losing opportunities because of lack of capital?



Investment And Venture

Baran Investment Holding operates as private sector in fields such as business, oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction, production, packaging and distribution of food products etc.

The holding is eager to invest in new ideas and occupations which are economically feasible in order to promote business, production and entrepreneurship; Baran Investment Holding also invites investors to collaborate with Baran Investment Holding group of companies in order to experience the best investment opportunities in the private sector.

By using expert specialists and experienced human resources, Baran Investment Holding will accompany you in the path of growth and entrepreneurship in the private sector.


Idea And Business Initiators

Baran Investment Holding financially supports idea and business initiators whose projects are economically and professionally feasible; For this purpose an appropriate mechanism is designed through the online terminal of the group in which after the registration of an application by applicants and studying the project by the specialist experts of the holding and approval, required measures will be taken for investment.



If you are a financer (whether cash, land, property etc.) and you are looking to invest in a secure project with high economic feasibility, Baran Investment Holding can assist you by proposing modern projects and solutions.

Please share your request with our experts through the application form on the website.