Baran Specialized International Trading Co.



By employing experts and specialists in commerce, economy, finance and law, with a background of more than two decades and by using domestic and international connections on a global level in importation and exportation of various commodities with a goal to improve and promote national production, commercial services, education, international exhibitions, investment consultation etc. Baran Specialized International Trading Co. is ready to collaborate with all national organizations and is certain to be recognized as a globally recognized and trusted brand in the near future based on the high goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran that is economic growth and promotion by supporting domestic production, entrepreneurship and promoting human resources.



Being recognized as a national and global brand by creating new investment opportunities, achieving international markets and utilizing facilities and capitals.




  • Providing the best training and commercial activities
  • Market research and development of communication links with commercial parties
  • Improving information and communication systems
  • Identifying new business markets
  • Promoting customer satisfaction
  • Improving the performance of procedures
  • Excellence of trademark and development of international operations
  • Increase of profitability
  • Improving customer relations
  • Increasing competitiveness capacities
  • Decreasing costs and efficiency
  • Developing organizational energies
  • Assisting managers in decision making
  • Increasing partnership and development of personnel
  • Improving personnel motivation systems
  • Constant communication with holders of international exhibitions
  • Utilizing advanced online notification systems
  • Paying special attention to business development and stable capital




  • Increasing the satisfaction of domestic and international colleagues
  • Utilizing the best human and equipment capacities for our goals and strategies
  • Creating proper grounds for international communication and global markets
  • Establishing a more excellent viewpoint towards human resources as one of the most important factors for company survival by establishing a dynamic training system and increasing personnel participation and creating a proper working environment
  • Increasing work motivation and improving personnel efficiency and observing the principle of meritocracy through constant monitoring
  • Continues improvement of all company activities through the correction of procedures and proper and compassionate performance
  • Making efforts to protect and develop the business of the company and create new markets according to experiences, capabilities and available facilities
  • Classifying the fields of activities of the company and assessing them for continuation, removal or replacement with other fields
  • Optimized utilization of available resources and facilities in order to increase the quality of services and decrease costs that are ineffective on quality


Description Of Services


  • Exportation and importation of all legal commodities
  • Holding scientific and commercial events domestically and internationally
  • Collaboration with universities, scientific centers and commercial companies domestically and internationally
  • Consultation in commercial fields, launching branches or agencies domestically and internationally
  • Rendering consultation services and incorporating companies and branches internationally
  • Holding scientific and commercial events domestically and internationally
  • Transportation and clearance cost estimation and announcement


Capabilities And Service Background


  • Importing canola oil from Russia
  • Importing press cake from Brazil, Ukraine, Russia and other countries in South America
  • Importing palm oil from Malaysia, Russia
  • Importing meat from Georgia and Dagestan
  • Importing paper from United Arab Emirates
  • Importing sunflower oil from Russia
  • Importing soybean oil from Russia




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International Bar International Trading Co.

Address: No 90. Western Brazil St. Southern  Shirazi St.  Mullasadra St. Tehran, Iran